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House Sells in One Day Referral

Hello this is Brad at

Today I’m with Lori, she is a customer and a friend of mine.

We are going to show you a video and pictures of her house that she had remodeled.

Lori has a great story, she sold her house in one day for a price much higher than she thought she would.

Lori, what story would you like to tell, I would love for you to tell about the move and what is going on in your life.

“Well we dreamed of getting to Florida once the kids were out of school, and we met you along the way and we just wanted to get the house ready and ready to sell fast.  We did not want that cloud over our head, and we sold it so fast that now we are going to Florida.”

“Back then we were just starting to think about moving and knowing that we need to do some updates and listening to your ideas and the whole process to get ready was really a treasure.”

I want to ask you, of course it is a silly question, but I have a place on my website where I can do videos for recommendations, would you recommend our company?

“Absolutely, I wished you lived in Florida when I buy my next house.”

Because it is all about a relationship, because it hasn’t all been easy.  Together we were more committed to the result than we were about one or the other of us being right.

“It was a share vision. And we appreciate you.” 

Well thank you, perfect, is there anything else you want to say?

“I Love You Brad!”



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