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Kitchens become a major selling feature for a home, and have become a more of a “family” space in our homes. The designer, Clodaugh, says it best as she describes why she feels that a combination of wood and stone are the best for creating a space that feels warm, safe, and inviting. She feels that it comes from pre-historic days when man needed the shelter and safety of the cave (stone) while preparing food, and eating.


Real Estate professionals will tell you that your investment in remodeling should be in the entry, the kitchen, and the master bathroom. You spend crucial time in your bathroom, and again referring to Clodaugh, stone has historically communicated warmth, safety, and security as we prepare ourselves for the day’s beginning, and end. Make the bathroom luxurious simply by choosing elegant materials.


Basement Finishing adds living space, but how does a Pub or Bar theme affect the sale of the home, later? The warmth and ambiance of a pub can be enjoyed by all as a gathering place, or a center for serving beverages and snacks. A classic pub, with specific detail to railings, edges, and deep rich colors, communicates a level of craftsmanship to potential buyers, when you decide to sell the home.


The average homeowner has flooring as the third largest investment that they make in their lifetimes! Yes, after a home, and motor vehicles, flooring is the third largest personal investment made.

Flooring can take many forms. It can be carpet, wood, tile, bamboo, vinyl, , plastic (laminate), cork, and the list of flooring types will grow over time.

Companies that sell flooring know that Carpet versus Tile, Tile versus Wood, Bamboo versus Laminate decisions are confusing!

Go to our blog site, and view videos that reveal many of the marketing tricks used by flooring companies. Arm yourself with Education before investing.


The most durable, long lasting, hard surface to use in your home is tile. With tile, application, selection, and installation methods yield contrastingly different results. Just like in medicine, a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon yields a different result as compared to a scalpel in the hands of Jack the Ripper.

By comparison, tile is the more expensive surface on a floor, but not a countertop!

By comparison, tile lasts longer than carpet on a floor. Tile lasts longer than wood on a floor.

Tile installation is measured by the square foot, and prices range from $2.00 per square foot, to $20.00 per square foot. One will look better, and last longer than the other.

The difference can be viewed by comparing these two pictures. The countertop was done by New Look Tile in a home in Cedar Creek.


Quality paint jobs require at least two critical components. The first is the quality of the paint that is selected, and the second is the application of that paint.

Each one is conditional, meaning, it depends on the conditions.

As an example, you might ask how many gallons of paint will it take to paint an 10 x 10 room. If the ceilings are 10 feet high, then you have a surface area of 400 square feet (10 x 10) (x4 walls). One gallon of Benjamin Moore latex covers 400 to 450 square feet, so that should do it, right?

If the wall is dark blue before you start, and your new color is yellow, then one gallon will create a yellow that looks slightly lime green, because blue and yellow mixed is green.

So, perhaps a primer is a good start, etc. Everyone wants a simple answer to a question, but there is always an unspoken expectation of perfection, and it is best to provide answers that address both the spoken and unspoken questions.


When you need electrical contractors to install appliances or audio visual purchases, you will not always need a licensed and certified technician.

But for remodeling where electrical utilization may increase because you have created new living spaces, you should resist approaching the electrical work from any contractors not using licensed technicians.

We provide small group of certified electrical contractors, because the opportunity to inflate bids yet still be within a range of acceptable pricing is evident.

This same type of pricing variance can be seen in many industries, like Dentistry, where a crown can cost between $450 and $1,200. They are all dentists, so why the big fluctuation?

We have formed our opinions from years of interaction, job completion, and long term performance of remodeling projects, and are proud to recommend electricians for you. Free.