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Remodeling Contractors – Asking for Referrals


Learn how to ask for  Remodeling Contractor referrals.  This video has many old contractor tricks embedded in the script.  Asking the proper question, instead of a generic question, will keep a remodeling contractor on the hot seat to produce what you need to feel comfortable starting a remodeling project with them

Referrals are often known as a customer list, and typically it is best for the contractor to have 2 or 3 people who he can ask to field calls from customers from time to time.  Since most people do not actually make the call, it works out well for the contractors.

But, logically thinking, the contractor gives you plenty of information to decide who to call.

In the sales process, they usually are anxious to tell you how many jobs that they have going.  To the contractor, he feels that you are impressed when he has 5 to 10 jobs working.  You should pay attention to that number.  A logical question is to ask how many people in his main crew.  If he has 3 in his main crew, and 10 jobs working, then how long does each job have to wait, just to see some one from his crew?  That discussion is for another blog post, but you can begin to see the math.

For referrals, you only need 2.  The most recent job is key, because they are just fresh off of the experience with this contractor.  They have experienced the best, and the worst.  Wouldn’t that be the best person to call?  The second is a customer that is 3 to 5 years in the past.  They can tell you how the contractor services his work, and how well the work holds up to day to day living.

Be persistent with these specific questions, and you will not fall into the tricks of a contractor taking great care of 2 or 3 customers to keep good referrals.

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After retiring from the computer consulting industry, Brad began working in the remodeling business in Kansas City. By applying sound business principles to the Remodeling Business, today many enjoy free education and top quality remodeling projects.
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