Remodeling Contractors and Predictable Behaviors



This post is about Remodeling, Contractors, you, and predictable behaviors that will affect your Carpeting, Painting, Kitchen, or bathroom remodel.

Personality Types affect results at work, home, family, and nearly every aspect of our lives.  So how does personality type affect your remodeling project?

Michael Gerber has written a best seller called the E Myth.  “E” stands for Entrepreneur.   This book dissects the probability of success of a small business based upon the blend of personality types that are prevalent in small business.

It is particularly pertinent as we examine who, typically, is the Entrepreneur of a small contracting company.  Often, the “boss” is the best tradesman in the company.  Sometimes the “boss” is the worst tradesman in the company.

Gerber determined that each small business has at the helm of the company a blend of Entrepreneur, Manager, or Technician.  And we have determined from our video of you, your contractor, and the Bell Curve that you will likely be dealing with a small business if you hire a contractor for your project.  What behaviors or symptoms can you observe to determine which personality type is running the show on your project?

Secondly, consider that you, the customer, also bring a personality type to the mix of behaviors and expectations to the project.  We often select people to work with that remind us of ourselves, but in this case you may be a Manager type, and so your propensity to select a manager type is higher than normal.

Two managers overseeing a group of technicians is a recipe for conflict, low communications levels, and an adversarial work climate.

We will be posting more blogs of the intricate nature of blending the right personality types as you select a contractor.  Also, we can examine behaviors and strategies for dealing with contractors who are not like you, giving you a better chance for a satisfying remodeling project.

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