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November 25, 2013

Remodel it KC Your Home, Your Memories, Your Future Looking for a Remodeling team you can trust and afford? We listen to your dreams, and we promise results. Hi,…

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How To – Remodeled Deck Video / How To

November 15, 2013

This Remodeling Video is of a Deck.  This is not a remodel “How To” video.  These people have lived in their home for quite some time, and have decided to…

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Painting – DIY versus Professional Contractor

October 30, 2013

Painting – DIY versus Professional Contractor Painting.  This video we are going to show you about painting, some of the issues that you should consider when you are deciding should…

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Sell House in One Day with Remodeling Expertise

August 7, 2013

http://  House Sells in One Day Referral Hello this is Brad at Today I’m with Lori, she is a customer and a friend of mine. We are going to…

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Referral Advice from Seasoned Customer in Kansas City

June 19, 2013

Contractor Referral in Kansas City with Advice from Experienced Customer Hi, I’m Brad with, and today we are with Susan in her home.  We are going to ask her…

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Remodeling Contractors – Asking for Referrals

March 5, 2013

httpv:// Learn how to ask for  Remodeling Contractor referrals.  This video has many old contractor tricks embedded in the script.  Asking the proper question, instead of a generic question, will…

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Free Strategic Home Improvement Advice

March 3, 2013

httpv:// Free Home Improvement Strategies Home Improvement for Bathroom, Kitchen, carpet, remodeling, painting projects often make home owners begin executing a vague plan for home improvement. Having a sound strategy…

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Remodeling Contractors – Step by Step How to Hire One

March 1, 2013

httpv:// Remodeling Contractors, How to Hire Construction Contractors for your home remodeling Project. Use “The Cycle” to gain control of the process of selecting a remodeling contractor.  The Cycle is…

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Remodeling Contractors and Predictable Behaviors

February 28, 2013

httpv://   This post is about Remodeling, Contractors, you, and predictable behaviors that will affect your Carpeting, Painting, Kitchen, or bathroom remodel. Personality Types affect results at work, home, family,…

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You, Your Contractor, and the Bell Curve

January 22, 2013

httpv://   Survival of the Least Fit?  How can a tool to measure High School and College classroom performance give us necessary insight into the success or your remodeling project?…

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