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Remodeling in Kansas City is Carpet, or tile in bathrooms, kitchens, or entry.  These are the materials used to create great, new, beautiful living spaces.  Retailers, contractors, and yesterday’s new home builders are all competing for your remodeling dollar.

Remodeling is the process of blending that labor, a good design, and finishing materials for your home.  But, what about Investment Value?  Your home is also an investment!  And the local Real Estate market has changed.  Perhaps a good plan is the best place to start?


Free Remodeling Lessons

Key Lessons from experience are yours, Free!

Remodeling would be different, if it did not involve people!  Over the years, we have noticed repetitive behaviors that seem to have an impact on the quality of a remodel job, and the entire remodeling experience.  But remodeling does involve people, and as homeowners you have this experience only a few times in your life, and are therefore unprepared, yet you need to have control.  It’s a Paradox.

“You, Your Contractor, and the Bell Curve” will be one of our first posts on our blog.  Visit the blog, often, to view other “Key Lessons from Experience.”

Contractor Riddles

  • Why do projects drag on indefinitely?
  • Why does the bid not match my price?
  • Why do I rarely know when my contractors will show up?
  • What level of “mess” is tolerable when remodeling?

All of these questions and more, answered in our Blog.


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